The Importance of Vitamin C in Patient Pre-op

Post-surgery recovery isn’t solely dependent on the quality and acuity of surgical tools or physician skill and experience. Pre-op can play an even greater role in surgical success and post-op recovery. Educating your patients about the role vitamin C plays can help lower stress and anxiety, which leads to better physical response during and after surgery.

Vitamin C have been found to fall sharply after uncomplicated surgery. The decrease in levels is even greater for ICU patients and surgery with complications. That’s why it’s imperative to administer 500 or more milligrams of vitamin C per day leading up to the surgical procedure. In cardiac patients, administration of vitamin C has led to decreased rates of periprocedural myocardial injury (PMI) and atrial fibrillation.

In sum, your hospital or clinic can maximize patient recovery rates by administering vitamin C as part of preoperative care.

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